CALCA 4th Biennial Conference

The 4th Biennial Conference on Law of the Caribbean Academy for Law and Court Administration (CALCA),
October 27-29, 2016 at Sonesta Maho Beach Resort & Casino, Sint Maarten

The 4th Biennial Conference on Law will take place under the auspices of the Caribbean Academy for Law and Court Administration (CALCA) in partnership with the General Legal Council of Jamaica and the Orde van Advocaten of Sint Maarten. 

CALCA is the educational arm of the Caribbean Court of Justice and its core mandate is ‘the advancing of knowledge, training and research in the practical application of Law, especially International Law, and of the Administration of Justice in the Caribbean context’. This is achieved using various modes of delivery including seminars, workshops and our biennial conferences.

The Conference, which is being held under the theme ‘Law at the cross-roads: Reappraising the Role of Common Law and Civil Law Practitioners in Transnational Development’, is being developed with a multi-jurisdictional orientation, spanning both the common law and civil law traditions, and will feature presentations from distinguished regional and international jurists who will facilitate both plenary and concurrent breakout sessions.

The 2016 CALCA Biennial Conference will offer impactful, practical content on various topical legal issues, many of which, I anticipate, may be of particular interest to you and other members of the legal profession in the Dutch Caribbean. Some of the general focus areas include:

  1. Legal Implications of the Panama Papers.
  2. Integration (including Opportunities for the Provision of Legal Services under the European Partnership Agreement)
  3. Promoting International Commerce and Transnational Development
  4. Cross-border Transactions and Insolvency
  5. Tax Avoidance Schemes
  6. Commercial Law and Practice
  7. New Challenges in Financial Regulations Law
  8. Arbitration (including the OHADAC Project’s arbitration rules)
  9. New Economic Perspectives (including legal perspectives on the opportunities and challenges of economic integration)
  10. Legal Practice and Ethics
  11. Administrative and Technological Advances in the Administration of Justice
  12. Drafting of Commercial Contracts

 In addition to the engaging and practical legal content, our Conference will offer numerous networking opportunities ranging from daily networking breaks to a networking reception which will also be held at the Sonesta Maho in the evening of October 27.  This is an ideal opportunity to meet with colleagues and other attendees in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

The registration form can be accessed via the CALCA’s website where further details on the eminent speakers, programme and hotel booking are also available. 

 For any questions:

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